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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nobody's PERFECT!

I admit that I'm a perfectionist and I guess most of us wanted to be perfect in some ways. For me, I want to plan ahead and organize things around the house. I worry a lot of things which I shouldn't and that's one thing that gives me sleepless nights throughout my pregnancy. Yes, I sometimes can't sleep the whole night thinking of what to do next, how I'm going to do it and if I can finish everything that I planned. The last topic of our parenting class really hit me because our instructor who's a mom of 2 kids, a wife and a nurse is also a perfectionist and she shared her story that she still tried to organize everything in the house when she had her baby but then she failed. She said that it's hard for her to let go for being a perfectionist but if she wants to be good in one thing... she chose to be a good mom to her kids. This is kinda hard for me but she's right. I have to let go of that perfectionist thing or else I'll have an unhappy partner and a baby.

One of the issues when it comes to parenting is that mom's want their husbands to do the same thing that they do in taking care of their child which I agree but our instructor said that we moms need help and we should not be mad even if daddy is putting the diaper backward coz daddy will learn from his mistakes and will be good at it someday. She's right on this one too.

After the class last Thursday I kinda realize that I'm too hard on myself and to hubby when I want things done right away even if we're tired. I once told hubby that he has to do some work at home in preparation for the baby (though he needs some rest after work) and he can only rest once everything is done. The last Parenting Class session kinda open my eyes that babies doesn't need a very organize and very clean house but two loving parents who will take care and feed them.

Now I'm more relax knowing that supermoms are not real and if there's any then I salute them. I might be a supermom in one day but I can't guarantee to be a supermom every day so from now on I have to say "welcome clutter".


WebbieLady said...

You know what Mitch? The imperfection of the mom is what makes her perfect. Just take life easily and good luck and god bless on your delivery soon.

Michelle said...

Thanks for nice comment. I need that so I won't feel guilty if I can't do everything. :)

Ilocana said...

WebbieLady is right!... Besides, clutter is part of any apt. or even to any house life. Ako nga I still can't get rid of all the clutters and junks around the house, ha,ha,ha! And I just couldn't keep up with them... The important thing is to make your place safe and nurturing both for you and your baby.. ^_^

Ilocana said...

Ay, I forgot. Late ko nang na-open text mo, anyway,,, our kids Pediatrician is Dr. Brian D. Patz. Not that old and not so young. He's very pleasant, talks in a manner that you could keep up to what he's saying and gentle on children specially babies.. And I'm sure he knows what he's doing, he,he. We like him alot and he's a good doctor whom our kids could grow up with.. But don't just take my word for it, he,he. They are a bunch of them at the Medical Mall, that's their clinic and it's called the Pediatrics Associates. They got separate areas for sick-waiting kids and well-waiting kids.. And their number is (256) 265-2464. Well I hope this helps...

Michelle said...

Ilocana: At least sayo dalawa ang chikiting mo, sa amin eh di pa nga lumabas pero clutter everywhere na. Nakakainis tingnan minsan kaya lang di rin ako makatulog pag lagi kong inisip ang kalat. Buti na lang ang instructor na ang nagsabi that we have to rest, rest and more rest coz our body needs it especially if bagong panganak. Medyo ok na ang mindset ko after sa class. Di ko na kinulit si hubby to clean up coz he needs to rest din after work. hehe

Thanks sa info. bout the Pediatrician. Hubby complained about the place of one Pediatrician coz the sick and well kids are in one place. Then I remember that you didn't have any complains about your kids Pediatrician so I thought okay yong Pedia ng kids mo. :)