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Friday, March 6, 2009

Moms, protect your newborn...

I remember when my Pinay friend gave birth to her son. I was visiting her and picked up her son without washing my hands. According to our instructor and to any pregnancy books that you can find that it's very important to wash hands before holding the baby coz the baby's immune system is not well develop yet. But what about sick visitors? Our instructor said that there are visitors who doesn't get it that sick people should not be around with the baby. She said that it's difficult to have a sick baby coz you have to watch the baby 24/7 with no medication if possible and that will make your life miserable and stressful to have a baby who doesn't want to eat, can't sleep and keep on crying because of pain and worst, a baby struggle from breathing.

First 2 weeks at home with the newborn:

1. No kids allowed in the house - kids can make your baby sick even if they don't look sick coz kids are like petri dishes. It's better though to keep your baby away from kids til they are 6 months old so your baby remain sick free.
2. No sick person allowed in the house
3. Accept offers from friends to do some chores but not offers of holding the baby while you're doing the chore coz you need to rest.
4. Accept food from family and friends.
5. Visitors should not stay longer than 30 mins. (I think this depends of who the visitor is) If the visitor makes mom happy then that's ok. I'm sure there are visitors that you don't want to be around especially if they are giving you unwanted advice and telling you what to do even if you know what you can do for your baby which is kinda annoying instead of making you feel better. So beware coz moms anger will go to the baby too.

That's all I can remember for now. Hope this can help a little bit to new moms out there. I know a few bloggers who are expecting for their first child so I'll post some info that we had in the Class. Good luck! ^_^


Dezz said...

Girl, you will be a mom soon. Kakainggit naman-:( I wish you good luck on your pregnancy..

btw, you look great w/ big belly..

I can feel your excitement.

again, good luck.


Michelle said...

Thanks Dezz! :)

Ilocana said...

All true madam. You need to be firm and don't hesitate to tell to the "excited bwisitors" and even friends about all these things for the sake of your baby. Kahit pa sabihing malinis ang kamay, pahugasin mo,kahit sino pa yon, he,he,he.. That's what I did before.

Michelle said...

Sabi nga ng instructor namin, dad will be the bouncer kasi ang mommy mahiya magsabi lalo na pag friends. inisip ko rin, baka ma hurt ang feelings ng iba pero sabi ng instructor bahala na daw kung ma hurt ang feelings ng iba basta safe ang baby. :)