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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet honey mango

I've been thinking about this honey mango lately and thank God, last Thursday when hubby and I went to the Asian Market it's available. My eyes becomes big looking at the pretty mangoes that I wanted to eat for months already. haha I took 5 and add two when the guy working there put a box full of pretty mangoes. As you can see in the picture, they are not fully ripe yet coz they still have a little green color on the skin but my mouth can't wait so I ate the one that has more yellow color in it and enjoyed eating even if it has a little sour taste. I told hubby that I should have bought more coz it's sweet and hubby told me that I can get more if I want to but then my friend told me that there's only two left when she went to the Asian Market at 4:00 pm which means there's nothing left the next day. Hubby like the honey mango but this time he didn't bother eating one or even a slice coz he knows that I like it. I hope there'll be more mangoes this coming Thursday so hubby can have a bite too. haha


NovaS said...

Oh.. I miss that sweet honey mango... couldn't find it in the store here.. but the funny thing is that my hubby abhor that one. i don't know why but he just not like it... weird huh...


Ilocana said...

Better go today then, baka merong bagong labas,he,he,he... I might stop by later, not sure what time but I'll give you a call.. See ya ^_^.

Ilocana said...

Oops, nalimutan ang date,he,he. Sorry, nawala na sa kukute ko, hope di ko nasira schedule mo,^_^.. Sana nice ang weather bukas para makalabas,,,call u nalang whenever okay doc?

Lynn said...

kalami sa mangga. diri kay hapit na summer, so ting mangga na pud. summer ba season sa mangga diri? kalimot ko da. haha!

Michelle said...

NovaS: the asian market didn't sell this mangoes for months so i think that's the reason why you can't find it in the store. :)

ilocana: haha i was wondering nga kasi last thursday pa ng hapon ubos na yata ang mangga according to MB. Ok, just let me know kung lalabas kayo bukas. I'll go if feel kong lumabas kasi parang tinamad na akong lumabas lately. Medyo heavy na kasi ang tyan at marami ng sakit sa katawan. Feeling ko parang bigla akong tumanda. haha

Lynn: nah labaw sad ko wa kahibaw kung kanus-a ang season sa mangga diha. basta diri naa na. haha