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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our little angel's corner

At last, the crib is ready eventhough the room is still a mess. haha My mind is trying to think where to put all the things in their proper place coz my brain is not working right. Hmm But that's what they said that pregnant women are forgetful because of the stress and lack of sleep plus the change of hormone. Oh well, that's part of being a mom I think.


Lynn said...

very lovely crib, sis. i've always preferred wood talaga when it comes to cribs kaso mahal talaga siya. :)

ilang tulog na lang ba sis? take extra care!

NovaS said...

oh. that is pretty... nice color makabugnaw jud sa mata....

try searching online about anang arrangement sa imong little angel's corner para naa ka idea...


Ilocana said...

Na-assemble na ha.. Nice..

Michelle said...

Lynn: thanks! :)

NovaS: yeah, love the color though it looks like the baby is a boy but I don't want the place to be too girly so I just mix with pink baby items to make it look a little girly. besides, the theme that I chose was on sale that's why i bought them. i don't want to spend a fortune on baby stuff unless it's necessary. :)

Ilocana: yeah, sa wakas ready na ang crib. :)