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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Battle of my Labor

Thursday March 26, 2009 I was sent to the Hospital coz my OB doesn't want to wait for my due date. They arranged the paperwork and call the Hospital that I'll be there at 8:00 pm. We arrived a little late because the parking lot is full. I was surprised to see a lot of pregnant women (with their friends and families) in the Labor/Delivery floor waiting to be called. A nurse called my name and showed us our room. The nurse told me to change my clothes and started the process of induction. IV was done. I was allowed to eat solid and liquid foods until midnight and after that I can only eat ice chips or popsicle. The nurse checked my cervix the next day and I'm I think (if I'm right) still 2 cm dilated. It was almost noon time when hubby left me in the room to eat lunch coz he's hungry already. My OB and a nurse came in then my OB broke my bag of water and inserted a sort of probe inside me (not sure if it was in my uterus) to check the accuracy of my contractions. Things happen so fast after that, my contractions suddenly become intense so I called hubby to come back coz I'm in pain already. Hubby arrived and the nurse left the room. I think it was 11:00 am when my contractions were getting closer then the 2 mins. interval came (not sure though). Every time I moved I felt the pain as if the inside of my tummy was stabbed with knife then I started moaning from pain then scream. I was lying on my right side holding the right handle of the bed with all my force to divert the pain from my tummy. I tried to change position moving slowly but it wasn't working so I keep on screaming every intense pain I felt gripping the right handle of the bed so tight then I try to massage my back really hard to divert the pain. Hubby and I were asking of when can I get my epidural but the nurse said that the Doctor will wait until the baby is low enough. Hubby was disappointed coz we thought that I'll get the epidural once I feel the intense pain but it didn't happen. Hubby was trying to comfort me by touching my hair back and forth and though he wants to do more than that but that's all he can do at that time. I know he doesn't want to see me in pain but he's not in control of everything. Hubby said that it's almost 1:00 pm when the Anesthesiologist came in for my epidural but when they checked my cervix I was 9 1/2 cm. dilated already. They were amazed about that so they asked me if I want a natural birth (no epidural) or with the epidural. By that time I didn't have the strength to talk or even move. I'm very tired and I almost lost my voice from screaming especially when I felt the urge to push which I did without Doctor's supervision and it scares me coz I've seen it on TV that the baby's heartbeat might drop and can be dangerous for the baby. I was praying and hoping that my baby will hang in there coz I can't control myself anymore... I just had to push when I felt the urge to do it. Anyways, I heard hubby saying "She's so tired and I don't want to see her in pain so let's do the epidural". The Anesthesiologist asked me to move close to where he is but since I don't have the strength to move the Anesthesiologist pull the bed sheet close to him and did his job. I felt the prick but it's just nothing compared to the stabbing pain in my tummy. Hubby said that after a minute or two I fall asleep. When I woke up I felt like I'm drunk, dizzy, tired, and sleepy and my whole body was numb. I then heard the nurse talking to my OB and asked "So you change the plan?" And when I heard the word C-section I tried to be awake and started moving slowly coz I don't want to have a C-section after I had my nap. Hubby said that I didn't hear the whole conversation coz the CS word was another patient and not me. My OB left the room and after a few minutes the nurse said that I can start pushing. It was only the nurse and hubby when I started pushing. The nurse said that the baby's head is already there just an inch away then she talked to somebody on the phone and told me to stop pushing coz the Doctor is not ready yet. I had a little rest then my OB came in. I push maybe twice or thrice then the Doctor vacuumed the baby's head to help her came out. Claira was born at 4:29 pm (not 4:19 pm as what I texted to Ilocana).

Resting before the intense pain of my labor.

Waiting for my OB for the final push. At this moment my whole body was numb, no pain and almost no voice but still I requested to have some ice chips. That's all I can eat, ice chips only even if I need the strength to push.
I'll visit your blogs guys as soon as I have enough sleep and time.


Ilocana said...

opps mali pala ang 4:19 na text mo,,maybe groggy ka pa when you sent it, ha,ha,ha.

Looking at you in the pictures, para na ring na-feel at nakita ko ang pain at suffering mo at that time... Bow ako Chelle, :)

We went out pala, against all odds, natuloy parin, he,he,he. The gang assumed you can't come yet so we went ahead. But we thought about you in every bite,^_^. take care and don't hesitate to let us know if you need some help or whatever...okay..

Michelle said...

It was hubby who told me that the baby was born at 4:19 pm but when we checked of what's written on the crib, mali pala.

About the hard labor that I had made hubby strong coz he thought he's going to pass out or throw up when he saw the blood but it didn't happen. At that time I think when he saw the blood he felt a relief that my pain will soon end and that the baby is okay. Haaayyy buhay.

Gorgeous MUM said...

what an ordeal! you're a strong lady! i could not bear the pain that's why i opted for cs, although i will really have to be, because kaiden was breech. he did not move at all, pretty much like me, who just lie down most of my pregnany! i really am lazy!

but for sure all that pain is worth it, coz you've got a beautiful little angle now!

enjoy every minute of it, they grow up so fast!

god bless!

anna said...

Hello Michelle.. congratulations!!

Lynn said...

whew! i can feel ur pain while reading ur post, mitch reminding me of my labor experience too. hahay! but the difference is, i didn't scream. hehe. inutong lang jud ko and si hubby sige hilot sa ko lower back everytime i feel the pain. graveh no!?

so, baby claira was born on the 27th? hapit pa sila sabay bday ni yogi coz yogi's on the 28th. :)

anyways, don't worry about not visiting us yet. take ur time.

but i tagged u... but of course, feel free to grab it anytime. take care.

NovaS said...

At least after all the pain you felt, you have a wonderful baby claire...


Gorgeous MUM said...

Have a blessed Sunday!

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Mommy!

Your little angel is PRECIOUS!!! So pretty.....

What an ordeal! Epidural is indeed the mother's best friend during labor. I had it but they had to let it wear off kasi I couldn't push and the dr thought it would help if I felt the pain. Nope....I had to go through the whole pain only to have the C-section.

Anyway, the little angel is all worth it. Enjoy her!

Mommy J

Summer said...

Oh that was a little bit scary.But an amazing battle of a mother for her/his baby..That's why i'm so proud to all the mothers..;D
Btw,how is Claira now?

Twerlyn said...

what a long labor! I know the feeling! gosh super sakit jud, same as u perteng chagit nako kada intense contraction(active labor)..2hours antos nako, 2hours with epidural. Congratulations Chelle, gwapa man sad ang premyo sa kasakit.