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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jaundice baby

We had an appointment today with Claira's Pediatrician and one of my concern is her yellowish eyes. The Doctor told us to have her bilirubin check right away before it's too late so we headed to the Laboratory and waited for the result at home. The Doctor called and told us that she's got jaundice so they arranged a nurse to visit us and bring a bili-bed (bed with ultra violet light) to lower down her bilirubin count. It's so sad that she's here with us but we only have a limited time to hold her coz she has to be in bili-bed most of the time. We can only take her out of the bili-bed to change her diaper and during feeding but not more than 30 mins. And that really breaks my heart. (sigh)

Here's our poor little one in bili-bed.


Solo said...

Oh my,but don't worry.She will be okay soon..;D
Have a blessed day and to all your family..
Get well soon baby Claira.;D
Kisses and hugs to you..;D

NovaS said...

oh that's sad, sige lng after she'll recover from the thing, i'm sure you'll get a hold of her ... super cute


Twerlyn said...

she'll recover soon..she is so pretty!congratulations Chelle!

Ilocana said...

She will be alright Chelle. Listen to your instinct and follow what the docs say ^_^. Kita-kits..
P.S... Ano namumuyat ba?

Gorgeous MUM said...

i know it's hard not having her for a long time. but she'll be alright. jaundice is common with newborns, so you don't have to worry about that. you'll haver her 24/7 soon enough!

take care!

she's way too cute!

Gorgeous MUM said...

lastly, be strong!

Lynn said...

i think i know the feeling. yogi was left in the hosp for 4 days kasi nagka infection siya. we're all excited to hold him and take care of him but we simply can't. sakit sa dughan diba, sis.

don't worry, for the meantime lang naman yan. :)

so how was ur labor,sis? normal delivery ka ba?

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

She is are you na?