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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby fat

I like the Baby Phat brand but not the baby fat. Grrrr I took my summer clothes that I hide in the closet and the result is disappointing after fitting some of them. The pants (jeans) didn't fit well and the tops are tight. Though I can still wear some of the tops but if I sit down, my bulging tummy is very obvious and it doesn't look good at all. Hubby keep on reminding me that it takes 9 months or so before my body goes back to my prepregnancy shape coz that's what the instructor of our parenting class told us. I just can't wait to wear jeans again. (sigh)


amiable amy said...

long time no hear mommy...hehehe....the last time i visited your blog was hours after you deliver the baby....first picture you posted...dropping by just to let you know i am here

Summer said...

Lol..My sister had been on that situation too.She also problematic on that term,after she gave birth.But everything is ok now.Your hubby is right it will take months to be on your same size as before.=) Don't worry to much friend.=)

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NovaS said...

opps... hmmmm.. wala jud koy earth ana saon kay haven't experience giving birth pa..

Michelle said...

amiable amy: yeah, busy na ang beauty as momma. hehe

summer: haha i think it's the women's hormones fault why we worry almost everything after giving birth. i guess men are so lucky to have a stable hormone. (wink)

NovaS: understand sis. maka relate ra unya ka if ma experience na nimo. as of now, no earth pa ka. hehe