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Friday, May 22, 2009

Super Busy...

I guess you noticed that I haven't been posting something in this blog for a few days and that's because I'm super duper busy lately. Claira likes to be fed every hour or two and I'm lucky if she'll be able to sleep longer which means I can rest a little longer or can do something that needs to be done. I never thought a stay at home mom is more difficult than working 8 hours outside the house. According to my husband's co-worker, when he had their first baby he complained to his wife that he has no life anymore from working 8 hours in the office and working at home helping his wife in taking care of their baby. I told hubby one time that it's not hubby who doesn't have a life, it's me. Why? Because hubby can go to work without bringing the baby which means he doesn't need to think if the baby needs to be fed, change diaper, burp, and so on. A stay at home mom like me have to deal of what the baby needs or demands not to mention the house chores that's also waiting for my attention. In short, sometimes you don't have time for yourself. Many times when I feel hungry and about to eat, my baby also wants to be fed and you really have to feed her or she'll be crying out loud or scream. Sometimes I go crazy from multi-tasking like washing the clothes, drying, folding dry clothes while waiting for the other clothes to dry, cook, wash dishes, change diaper, clean the kitchen, clean bathroom and powder room, throw garbage, get the mails, read magazine, pay bills, vacuum carpet, eat when I have the chance, water my lemongrass, and so on coz I want to do many things while Claira is in bed entertaining herself or asleep. It's really an endless task everyday and as much as possible, I want to accomplish something in one day. There are times when I just go back and forth and don't know what to do next coz there are so many things to do at home. Well, that is if you don't want to have a messy/clutter home. Sometimes when I go to one room to get something or put something, I notice that there's a chore that I haven't finish yet so I'll finish it and after that I go to another part of the room to get something or check Claira and again notice that there's another chore that I haven't finish. Yeah, I am that busy having unfinish chores here and there. And when Claira is awake, she also wants my attention. She like it when I talk to her, sing, dance or just hold her. Well, that's the reality of being a mom without a helper. You have to do everything on your own coz no one's going to do it for you except your partner. Having a baby will make your life super busy. But it makes me happy when she smile and coo at me. Tiring but rewarding.


♀ simply luz ♀ said...

hello liza...visiting u here... added u in my links.. add me back pls..

thanks...god bless

Michelle said...

don't know where you got the name liza. thanks for adding me. :)