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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Circles and Squares

I received coupons from Huggies brand just this week with great information and activities for baby. I remember in our parenting class that babies are interested in black and white colors during the first months but I keep on forgetting that I have to print out black and white shapes from the internet for Claira. Now that I have the letter from Huggies, I put it beside the laptop so I won't forget it coz I also want to sign up in their website for more coupons and maybe (fingers crossed) for a free 1 year supply of diapers "if I win". haha

Ok, back to my topic the circles and squares. Though I was still sleepy, I thought that I better do something before I forget it again. So I search photos of black and white images at and found a few. I print them out right away and put them on the wall near the changing table so while I change her diaper, she can entertain herself by looking at the black and white circles and squares. You can see in the picture how interested she was in them coz she's staring at the pictures for so long which put her to sleep.


Lynn said...

well done mommy mitch. know what? nag 6yo na lang si Yogi pero wa jud ko nasayud ana. haha. i-apply na lang nako na puhon if magka bb ko usab. lol.

Michelle said...

haha mao jud. better luck next time na lang lynn if naa na sad new bb. hehe maayo man diri kay kung magpa member ka sa huggies or similac unsa pa nang brands para sa baby kay magpada man sila ug mga sample nya apil sa samples ang mga info. sad about sa baby then naa sad sa ilang website nakasuwat kung unsa na development sa baby depende sa age ug unsa dapat buhaton. :)

Summer said...

Good job Michelle..;D
That's true that babies that just starting to view lights are interested on those two colors.;D
And you made it right for baby Claira.;D Have a wonderful day.;D

Solo said...

Yay,she look so healthy.=)
And that was a great idea,hope you to get the 1 year diaper supply for baby Claira..;D

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

agoy ka cute sa bb oi! tagay diay mommy for you :