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Friday, May 1, 2009

1 Month and 2 Days Old

Time flies really fast now that we have a baby. I think that's because we're busy everyday. And because of that, I forgot to take a picture of our little one when she was exactly 1 month old. We do have a video of her when she's exactly 1 month old having tummy time in her crib and we were surprised that Claira roll over by herself. We didn't have a photo of it coz hubby was using the camera to video taped Claira's tummy time and I was in the kitchen cleaning. Oh well, but as what others said that it's better late than never. So here are 2 pics of her when she's 1 month and 2 days old. I took this picture after hubby left for work so we're still in bed. hehe


jenn_US said...

hi mich,

on the second photos, your angel has some similarities with your hubby. but they say their look changes as they grow up.

NovaS said...

claire is now soooo big..

Michelle said...

jenn_US: yeah, that's what my MIL and friends told me that our little one's face and even the hair will change many times. :)

NovaS: it's true, she's growing and getting bigger every week. she's not the little newborn anymore. :)

Scotty's Princess said...

Gosh, Chelle! SHe is so adorable! Dugay nako gusto mag-comment karon pa jud ko kahigayon.

Please hug and kiss me for her, will you?

PinayWAHM said...

Video tape everything. That's what we did every chance we got. Now that our little one is 7, we've been watching her videos all the time.

Time in fast!

Btw, you'll never be able to catch up on your chores...much less sleep. That's parenthood...hehe. It's only now that I'm starting to catch up on sleep...and she's 7 already.

Your little angel is precious. Enjoy her!

Mommy J

Ilocana said...

Claira looks like her Daddy on the second pic..Laki na nya ^_^..

Yeah, been busy doing a little gardening. Medyo na-inspire he,he. Then here comes heavy rains, patay,,, hope okay pa mga veggie plants namin ni Henry..

Oo nga, diko na naharap ladies nite, may iba nang ka-date,,yung yard namin,ha,ha,ha! But hopefully a week after my birthday makalabas tayo. In-laws are coming this Wednesday so pass muna ako.. Have a wonderful Sunday and hugs and kisses for Claira. :)

Lynn said...

imagine how time flies to fast. murag last week ra man ka nanganak, sis. never thought nag 1 month na diay si bb claira. before we knew it, 1yo na siya. hehe.

she's so cute. hugs and kisses! :)

Gorgeous MUM said...

claira seems to look more like your hubby! she is so cute!