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Sunday, May 10, 2009

House Hunting

Hubby and I were house hunting before Claira was born. That's me in the first picture with a big tummy. hehe I think the picture was taken 1 week before my due date. After Claira was born, hubby and I still think about the model house that we like coz I like the big kitchen and hubby like the nice porch plus the family room is so spacious.

Me and the model house. toink!

The front view of the model house.

The spacious kitchen with the kitchen island, stainless steel appliances and granite countertop.

The family room with the Asian ladies who also like the model house.

And the porch that hubby love. :)


Lynn said...

wow! ka nice sa balay. i love the kitchen, super nice. and the porch too. mao na inyo kwaon na house, sis? :)

Michelle said...

well, that's the house that we fell in love with but it's too expensive with all the upgrades that we want. so we change our mind and got a good deal with another spec house that we also like. it's under construction for now so we'll wait til we see the finish product. :)

NovaS said...

definitely a dream it...