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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Treat

Well, I wasn't planning to celebrate the Mother's day since Claira is still not allowed to go out in public according to her Pediatrician. So I was thinking that maybe buying an ice cream cake would be a good treat for me but then our freezer is almost full and it will melt if we only put it in the fridge. I'm thinking to postpone buying the cake, maybe if the freezer is ready. haha I treat myself though by going out shopping for 3 1/2 hours while hubby stayed at home to take care of Claira. I had a hard time looking for the right size of jeans coz my tummy need some more work out. I found one but not perfectly fit. Oh well, I hope my prepregnancy shape will go back to normal someday so I can wear my old jeans again. Anyways, I bought the not so perfect jeans and 5 tops. I went to Walgreens to get my medicine, bought some chocolates and sodas then went to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond to buy something. When I arrive home, I saw hubby and Claira in the Living room. Hubby said that Claira was crying for 2 hours. He thinks she's having a stomach ache. She also spit up after he fed her with the formula. Claira only stop crying a minute before I arrive home after hubby fed her with water that she spit up again. I was thinking that maybe she's looking for me or she wants the breastmilk. After 2 hours, Claira cried again so I fed her with breastmilk, burp her and she fall asleep. So that's my mother's day. ^_^


briggs said...

Happy Mother's Day Chelle! About ECard, gitanggal na nila ang akong isa ka account bale ang nabilin na lang is katong Reveiling Oneself kay dugay ko wala naka visit since I was hospitalized.

NovaS said...

belated happy mother's day chel....

Summer said...

Oh yes,i agree with you.Maybe she's just looking for you or on your breast milk.=) Happy mother's day Mitch,and have a great time.=)

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