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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Brunch and Dinner

Hubby and I were taking advantage of the holiday. We want to catch up on sleep so we woke up late. Hubby prepared the pancake while I prepared the omelet for our brunch. It was an unexpected celebration coz we weren't planning of what to cook but I was able to come up with something in the last minute for dinner. hehe We had asparagus, 3 layer beef casserole, ham and for dessert the shell salad. ^_^


Lynn said...

wow! u prepared this all, sis. galeng! wish i can be a good cook like u too. (",)

Summer said...

Wow! You did this all?! Galing!=)
I think this is the other thing that your hubby loves about you.You are a good cooked.=) And they all look yummy.=)

A Writers Den

The Brown Mestizo

Summer said...

Btw,following your blog.Hope you could put my blog link in your site. I would really appreciate it.=) Have a nice day.=)

A Writers Den

The Brown Mestizo

Michelle said...

Lynn: Yeah, cooked them all but I helped hubby in cooking the pancake. It needs a lot of practice to be a good cook. Hubby keep on telling me that if the first time I try cooking the recipe won't come out good then I shouldn't be discouraged coz that's part of learning. He said that maybe I have to make a particular recipe 8 times before I get the perfect taste that I like. So I'm still trying to learn more. Good thing hubby supports my new hobby and he eat everything that I cook even if it doesn't taste good. hehe

Summer: Thanks for reminding me to add you coz I thought I already added you. Toink! As what my friends said, being forgetful is part of motherhood. :)

Summer said...

michelle, just added your blog my small world on my blog :D thanks for adding me up :D i really love reading your entries :D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Gorgeous MUM said...

Grabe, you're such a good cook! How I wish I can make dishes like that too! They are so inviting!

Euroangel said...

yummy food here...have a happy weekend!

Jun said...

so yummy and delicious..

Thanks for sharing and beutiful blogs..^_^