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Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's that smell?

I am still sleepy but here I am checking my blog, my Friendster, chatting thru YM and surfing recipes. Why?

Well, I was in bed when hubby left for work but hubby told me to call the apartment office later to complain (so they can investigate) about the nasty smell outside. We notice it last night when we arrive home after visiting my MIL. We didn't know what the smell was but I smell it in the kitchen this morning. Hubby asked me of what I think about the bad smell... if it’s meat or what and I said maybe its meat. Hubby then thinks that maybe it's a dead animal or worst a dead person at our neighbor’s apartment. Hmm I hope it's just garbage but I notice lately that our neighbor didn't come home to his place. I only saw him once and sometimes see his car outside (maybe only 3 times) but that's it. I can't help but think "what if hubby is right that it's a dead body"? So I get up and call the apartment office coz I can't wait til later. I really hope that it's just forgotten garbage.


Gorgeous MUM said...

That's kinda scary! Let's just hope it's some rotten food.

Anyways, have a good weekend!

♀ simply luz ♀ said...

hi mich! im giving u an award.pls visit my site and grab it ha?..thanks....

anyway, ur baby is so cute...hmmm..

tke care...

HOMER said...

Hi thanks!! hope u vote everyday and sana you tell your friends too humahabol ang kalaban eh hehe!!

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Gorgeous MUM said...

Just dropping by!

Lynn said...

so what's the news about that smell, sis. (",)

niwey, tagged u...

Ilocana said...

NGEEE,, Scary naman yan Chelle!
Hmm,,, on the other hand, I like mystery, he,he. Why is she/he dead? Accidental or murder???? ^_^ So was it a dead body or just a stinky garbage???

Summer said...

Oh my god! Let's just hope that it is a forgotten garbage only, but not a dead body.=( Let us know more but this Mitch. Take care,how's Claira?=)

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ღ pinaymama ღ said...

what it is sis?

anyway, favor please if you have time, please change my blog's title to Garden of Moments (former Pinaymama's Diary) Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!