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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunshine for baby

Claira is still a little bit yellow so she needs to be exposed to the sun everyday if possible. Too bad, the weather here lately is not that good. We even have 2 tornado watch this week and yesterday we had a tornado warning. It's been raining lately and the sun is hiding from the clouds. Every time I take Claira outside, the sun will only show up for a few minutes then gone... show up again then gone so I get tired of playing with Mr. Sun. I hope Claira's jaundice will soon be gone totally.


Lynn said...

tordado warning? scary!

hope the sun will soon shine in ur part of the word, sis so claira will have her share of sunshine. :)

Solo said...

I'm hoping too,don't worry everything will be fine for baby Claira.;D

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NovaS said...

that is a lovely day for claire to be exposed by the sun.... nice...

Lynn said...

hi sis...

got something for u again..