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Saturday, June 27, 2009


After almost 3 months of staying in the house with Claira, I now figure out that going to the mall is a good place for me and Claira to hang out. In the past, I avoid going to the mall coz it's a little far than going to the stores closer to where I live. And because it's hot outside, I try not to go out when the sun is still out. The mall has a parking lot under another parking lot and as long as we go there before 3:00 pm then we'll have a good place to park the car. Now I am addicted to go to the mall. It seems like I wanna go there everyday. hehe I don't know, I just like the feeling of looking other people there with their kids, babies, friends or partner enjoying the surrounding and having fun. Besides, walking inside the mall without sweating feels good while Claira enjoyed looking around. And because I'm addicted to go to the mall, I went there again yesterday with Claira. We shop for my MIL's clothes and we had a good deal because one of the store there had a one day sale. We're lucky that we went there yesterday. I hope my MIL will like what we bought for her. If she doesn't like some of the clothes that we bought then Claira and I will go back to the mall this coming Monday or Tuesday to return the clothes. We might shop again some more clothes for my MIL next week if we're up to it. :)


Lynn said...

buti pa u sis. ako, haven't gone to the mall for a week or so now. sige lang ko lumlom diri balay. LOL. we'll probably go there tomorrow though to shop for yogi's things. :)

enjoy ur weekend.

nancy said...

musta Chelle! when I first had my daughter, ingon ana sad akong trip, hehe!pabugnaw ug strolling sa mall with her.

your baby is growing pretty fast and healthy. she look so adorable there laying :)

Michelle said...

Lynn & Nancy: mao lagi, daghan man gud tan-awonon sa mall. nila pa, vitamins sa mata. haha

Gorgeous MUM said...

A gorgeous Monday greeting from the Land Down Under!

Gorgeous MUM said...

That's good. Bring her to the mall this early so you'll have a shopping buddy when she grows up! LOL!

Summer said...

That's great for you and baby Claira to have a bonding moment.=D Have a good day.=D

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