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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At the Mall's Elevator

That's Claira's eyes every time we go to the mall's elevator. I wonder what she was thinking when the elevator's door closed coz her eyes suddenly becomes big. haha It's really fun to watch her reaction. ^_^


Lynn said...

natingala guro siya sis og asa na mo. hahaha. pero she's still cute with those big eyes. hee hee.

Ilocana said...

I'm guessing it was the sudden noise of the door closing, he,he. She is so alert.

Hmm, shopaholic mom ka na yata, ha,ha!

Michelle said...

Lynn: it really made me laugh every time she showed me her big eyes once we're inside the elevator. basin hadlok sya nga dili na mi kagawas. hahaha

Ilocana: di naman shopaholic, kailangan lang namin ang vitamins sa mata hanggang sa magsawa. hahaha baka next time tamad na namang lumabas. :)