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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enemy or what?

It's about the bad smell that I mentioned in my previous post. The guy from the apartment office wasn't able to find where the smell came from coz I think he didn't smell it when he came over. Maybe because it was raining a little bit on that day and the wind blows the smell away. After a couple of hours the bad smell is back but I thought maybe I'll just wait for hubby to come home and he'll decide if he wants to report it again. Hubby came home and noticed that the bad smell is still there. After thinking of what the smell is, he thought of our neighbor's gas grill. So he uncover the grill and he was right coz he heard the "pssssst" sound from the gas tank. To his surprise, the grill is on and the gas tank is also on. He turned both off and decided to go to the apartment office to report it. Good thing nothing happened or else the building that we're in will be on fire. Hubby also thought that if our neighbor didn't do it then somebody did and maybe it's his enemy who want him dead. Who knows coz he smoke outside (I think) or maybe it's his visitor who smoke outside coz I can smell sometimes that there's somebody smoking cigarette outside. The person at the apartment office said that what our neighbor did was bad. They'll contact him about what happened and if it will happen again, then they'll kick him out. I just hope that it won't happen again coz there's one apartment building here before that was burn because of an irresponsible tenant who's using gas for cooking.


Gorgeous MUM said...

All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within...

Lynn said...

na, mausahay daghan jud madisgrasya sa kadanghag sa uban. hehe.