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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's day surprise

Claira and I had a little surprise to hubby last Father's Day, an ice cream cake and cards from me and Claira. ^_^ Hubby was surprised. He asked me of when I bought the ice cream and if Claira was with me when I bought it or I ordered thru phone. hehe I explained that I ordered the ice cream cake before I went to the Asian Market last Thursday when hubby was at home with Claira and I picked up the cake with Claira on Father's day while hubby was at the church. It's a lot of work, carrying the car seat where Claira is then I put a burp cloth on Claira's lap and put the ice cream cake on top of the burp cloth. A white woman who's a customer of the ice cream store came to me and ask if I need help but I said "No, it's okay" coz the car was just a couple steps away from the store. I never thought that Claira, the car seat and the ice cream cake are so heavy. I was sweating coz it was very hot outside. Next time, I'll accept help from strangers if needed.

I like the combination of chocolate cake, hot fudge, chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream on top. Sooooo yummy! ^_^

1 comment:

NovaS said...

chel, that is one nice and yummy cake....