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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I think you noticed that I'm not updating this blog everyday and that's because I'm busy, busy, busy. I sometimes think how lucky the moms in the Philippines are coz family, friends, relatives and neighbors can help taking care of their kids for free. Here in US you have to pay the babysitter per hour which is expensive for me that's why I prefer to take care of Claira and just stay at home rather than paying somebody to take care of my baby. When I first brought Claira with me for grocery shopping at Target, it was a lot of work and I was sweating, thirsty and tired when we arrive home coz it was very hot outside. I felt sorry for Claira coz I have to bring her even if it's hot outside. It feels like we're inside the oven while we're in the car but I have to bring her or somebody will call the Police for leaving Claira at home alone. That's why I told hubby that shopping for me now is a chore and not fun anymore.

Wait a minute... I noticed something different lately. I enjoyed shopping with Claira last Monday and Tuesday. Yeah, it was hot outside and again I felt bad for Claira. I was determined to go to the store last Monday because I want to buy something that is on sale. The next day Claira and I went to the Mall for more sale items and we enjoyed looking around, buying some stuff and chitchatting at the food court. Yeah, she now like to talk even if she can't form words yet. Then I saw some moms bringing their kids and babies at the mall. There was one mom bringing her 5 kids at the mall. I don't know how she manage to do it but she doesn't look like she's tired. What amazed me just by watching the mom is that she had 2 sets of twins. I think her eldest son is 7 yrs old followed by 2 sons probably 4 yrs old (twin) and 2 babies in the stroller (for twin) sleeping. She's by herself, no friend, no husband or nanny to help take care of her 5 kids. For me it's difficult but she looked okay and not yelling to her sons who run around the food court. Hmm My point of view about shopping changed while watching the mom.

I think that going out with a baby or kids is not that hard if you are determined to do it and think that you can do it. So now I want to bring Claira to the mall once or twice a week if I'm not busy. It's fun watching her reactions when we were in the mall. I think she enjoyed looking around so I stayed a little bit longer there. We both had fun and looking forward to go next week! ^_^


Twerlyn said...

Mao saludo jud ko sa mga pinay na moms na puyo sa layo sama sa US or Europe ug asa pa na country maliban sa pinas..kay gikaya jud ang kalisod, way katabang..opps duha na ta didto hehe!d magdugay dugangan ko pa ug isa or duha..kayanon jud.

Michelle said...

Korek jud ka Lyn, lisod nga walay katabang diri sa US pero kayahon jud nato. Ako sad, pun-an pa ug usa or duha pero kana na taling dako2 na si Claira aron naa na sad ko little helper pareha nimo. hehe Bilib ko kang Bienne ba kay dako kaayo ug tabang ninyo, responsable nga maguwang. Swerte kaayo mo. :)