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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bonding time...

As what I mentioned in my previous post, Claira and I were going to the mall. The first three pictures are the photos I took before Claira was fussy (on that day). I noticed that she wants to take a nap in the afternoon so I am recording her nap times to know of when is the best time to take her out coz I don't want to have a fussy baby when I'm at the mall or the store. It was hard to carry her, push the stroller and at the same time carry the diaper bag. I think I was a supermom at that time but man, it hurts my arm and back from trying to balance everything! Whew! Now I know that I can only take Claira out for a maximum of 3 hours and a couple more hours if hubby is with me. :)

The mall's entrance. (naningkamot si mommy ug picture) hehe

Claira at the Mall's food court. (naningkamot si mommy ug order kay gigutom na) haha

Claira is playing with the washcloth.

Claira and me as daddy's audience. (wa maligo si mommy kay naay iro naligo ug apil)


Lynn said...

hahaha! ka hayahay ra gud sa iro. hahaha!

Michelle said...

mao lagi, ambot unsa nakaon sa tag-iya sa iro nga gipaligo man ug apil nga bawal man unta na. maayo jud duklon. :)

amiable amy said...

waaa, lagi ayaw ligo kay naa iro...nangihi unya tua, mangatol ka...hehehe....nice to be here again Lynn,

tuod diay, mao nia ako bag o nga address sa blog, wala na tua ang daan...change ko ha?

Michelle said...

ngek, lynn ka karon. nasaag imong name nga gi type diri. oks lang, tugma man sad ang comment sa post. hehe