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Friday, July 10, 2009

Tummy time

Claira doesn't like the tummy time. She always complain almost right away after we put her down for the tummy time so hubby and I decided to trick her with toys in front of her so she will be interested to look at the toys and forget about the tummy time. Well, she still won't stay long with the tummy time but at least we tried what we can. We don't want her to be disappointed about tummy time so everytime she complain, hubby or me will pick her up. Here she is doing the tummy time. :)


Gorgeous MUM said...

She's sooo pretty and cute! Wishing I have one right now! Kakagigil!

Lynn said...

she's really cute. inggit ako sis! LOL.

amiable amy said...

Hi Lynn, musta naman ka oyy, long time no hear from you. Busy jud si Mommy noh? Hehehe. Nice to see the pics of your pretty baby here. Last nko bisita kay naa ka hospital , nanaganak...hehehe.

Twerlyn said...

what a darling! she's so cute!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the nice comments pretty ladies! :)

Anonymous said...

ang cute nya :)