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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Claira and me

Here we are two weeks ago. Notice the stuff around? Different huh! Yeah, Claira has more than one theme and that's because some are hand-me-down stuff, others were bought and some were printed thru the printer. And well, there's more drawings coming so Claira can study them. :)


Twerlyn said...

kanindot sa iyang room oi..wala ana akong baby hehe!
Chelle nabasahan nimo ni akong post about baby ? Effective ay proven by thousands of mom in the world..akoa na na try and pagka effective nalang gayod.Ika-10 days na ni baby ani and yes kabalo na dayon cia sa 1 DVD lesson..bale 5tanan ka DVDs plus naa pa visual materials. BAsin intresado ka, ayaw na pagduha2x..amazing jud ba kay laliman ka ang baby makabasa na dayon!!!

Michelle said...