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Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm not talking about the cellphone's airtime minutes or a car accident, I'm talking about Claira's accident last night from practicing of rolling over. As usual I went out with my friend for our ladies night out once a week so hubby was the one babysitting Claira yesterday when the accident happened. Hubby wanted to go to the bathroom so he put Claira on top of the swivel chair with the boppy as her pillow. Hubby said that it happened so fast, as soon as hubby arrived the bathroom he heard Claira scream then cry. So hubby checked on Claira and there he saw Claira on the floor already. Hubby called the Pediatrician right away and told the Doctor about what happened. The Doctor said that it's okay coz the height of the chair from the floor is not too high and the floor is carpeted but the Doctor was surprised to know that Claira started to roll over already at her age. The Doctor said that it's too early for Claira to start doing it.

Well, Claira started to roll over when she was exactly 1 month old and she stopped doing it as she gets bigger. Now Claira's been practicing to roll over after hubby told her early this week that once she learns how to crawl, she can go wherever she wants to go and doesn't need to wait for us to take her to the place where she wants to. After 2-3 days of practicing, she can now roll over both ways... not just one way. We were so amazed to watch her rolling over by herself last night and she's practicing more this morning. She even positioned herself last night to crawl. Now I have to spend more time watching her moves or try to always keep her in a safe place so there'll be no accident again. The only thing I noticed after yesterday's accident is that she doesn't sleep longer anymore. I have to wake up every less than 4 hours just like when she was a newborn baby. Oh boy. I'll walk like a zombie again. huhu Here are Claira's pictures this morning trying to master the roll over thingy. :)


NovaS said...

she's super big... and cute and super pink....

Twerlyn said...

opps! sori to hear that nahulog cia..well, c bienne nahulog sauna months old palang cia,kalabog jud..high bed and cemento,sakit jud.pero ok ra wa man naunsa.
Aron dili ka kapuyon ug bantay kang baby, adto sa babyRus kay naa cla superyard (plastic) tag 69 then ang extension 29.gud na cia sa nagakamang ug lakaw na baby.

katong baby can read, 230 including na ang tax diha..effective for Arianna kay after few times nya tan aw ang isa ka dvd,kay iya naman dayon sundugon kung unsa ang naa sa dvd. Gud mag start at 6mons..but its up to you lang..akoa lang i-update ka sa progress.

Michelle said...

NovaS: haha yeah, she's getting bigger na. she's now a big baby. :)

Twerlyn: Maayo diay. 4 months paman sad hinuon si claira next week. Kung maayo result sa imong bb, mao pa ko palit. I-update lang ko sa iyang development if ok lang nimo. :)

Lynn said...

wow ha! nice pics. capture na capture talaga ang kanyang roll over. hehe. she's sooo cute jud. pakusi! (",)

Paulette said...

you have a really really cute baby!

Michelle said...

thanks lovely ladies!:)

Bing said...

Cuttie cuttie kaayo si Claira!

Michelle said...

Thanks Bing! :)