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Friday, July 3, 2009

Fussy Baby

Claira's been fussy lately that's why I'm not here to update this blog again. Last Wednesday when we went to the mall Claira was screaming. I tried to calm her down but nothing worked. She only stopped crying when we're outside the mall ready to go home. She fall asleep when she's inside the car and only woke up when hubby arrived home from work then she started crying again. Hubby and I were wondering that the cause of her fussiness is because she wasn't able to have a bowel movement for 2 days which maybe made her uncomfortable. Hubby decided to call her Pediatrician yesterday but the Doctor said that it's normal not to have a bowel movement for 4 days coz it only means that Claira's little tummy is adjusting from the food that she ate. A few minutes after hubby's conversation with the Doctor, Claira was able to go. haha I think she's feeling better now. She just want to have Daddy and Mommy's attention maybe.

I noticed lately that Claira is happy if she can see me and hubby giving her the attention she wants or even if we're just around her. Spoiled? I hope not. If I'm not around Claira wants all her daddy's attention. Hmm Hubby told me that he tried to entertain Claira and fed her to stop her from crying but sometimes what he did won't work and Claira only stop crying when I'm home or a few minutes before I arrive home. It made me wonder if she wants us together all the time. hahaha I hope we're not going to spoil her. Well, the Doctor said that we can't spoil the baby until 6 months. I don't know. Maybe it's just a baby thing. But I also noticed that if Claira is sleepy, she fuss too. I hope she'll stop being fussy someday once she knows how to talk. As of now we have to figure out of what's wrong coz she can't talk yet. That's how exciting parenthood is... You suddenly become a psychic. hahaha


Lynn said...

i guess claira already knows that she's the center of attention there and she wants more siguro. hee hee.

Summer said...

That's how exciting parenthood is... You suddenly become a psychic.
Love this line,lol But it's true! =D Enjoy being a parent.