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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who doesn't love babies?

I heard it many times to people we know and even strangers that there's something in the baby that made them so special, in fact others said that Claira is an angel. Well, I think all babies are.

We have a neighbor here who's an older guy who asked me if he can see my baby someday coz he said he love babies. A kid at the restaurant and the store also asked us if they can see the baby and last Sunday when hubby and I visit my MIL at the Assisted Living Facility somebody asked if we can show Claira to her mom coz her mom wants to see the baby. An older guy said "I want to see the baby too" and some just look from afar coz we're ready to go. It's a nice feeling how people here adore babies but of course we still have to be careful that no sick person will touch Claira or Claira will be sick. Here are some photos of those who love babies. hehe



Lynn said...

sali ko sa listahan sis kay i love babies man pud. he he.

anyway, got something for u..

Butchay said...

hello michelle musta na man...alangan oi cute kaayo imohang little angel..whoever can resist :)

favor beh please update my site address nakapalit na gyud ko ug domain

and if you the time..i have a tag too


Butchay said...

hello michelle, musta na , ka cute sa bebe oi :)

got a tag fo ryou

also please update m URL

chubskulit said...

hi michelle, looks like your lil' one is having a lot of fans out there hehehe