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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pool Party for Asia

The daughter of one of my ladies night out friends had a pool birthday party last Saturday. She's now 3 yrs. old named Asia and of course Claira is invited together with mommy and daddy. My friends went swimming with their kids except me and another friend. The husbands enjoyed eating and chit chatting about cable TV connection, house, kids and etc. We were there for I think 5 hours then we went home at 9:00 pm. We the wives enjoyed the food too coz each of us brought something that we know the Pinays want to eat. I brought the eggroll, Ilocana made pancit bihon, Jane brought escabeche (sweet and sour fish), and Anne brought sinigang baboy (pork stew). We had fun and the host is planning to have another cook out+swimming before the kids go back to school. They've been inviting me to join even if Claira can't go swimming with us yet coz her Pedia told us to wait until she's 1 yr. old. We'll see. There are 2 swimming pools here too but we went there once for this year and only hubby went swimming because of that doggie that went swimming in the pool too. Yikes! :)

Here they are in the pool.

The husbands were talking and eating. hehe

Claira and the Ninangs. :)

Me, Claira and Ilocana's kids ready for the party. ^_^


Twerlyn said...

ka sexy nimo Chelle oi..nag pure breastfeeding ka or mixed?

Tama jud ng pedia na wait till 1 year kay ang baby hilig jud ug inum tubig sa pool, mao mas ok if sa private na pool nalang paliguon aron safe.

Michelle said...

thanks for the nice comment lermz. (wink) i nurse most of the time and only give claira the formula at night before she goes to sleep so she can sleep longer and if we're out and there's no place to nurse her. maayo gani kay naay nursing room ang mga malls diri so ok ra pero dala gihapon ko ug bottle just in case dili available ang nursing room. nya dala sad ko ug nursing cover so i can nurse claira in public if the surrounding is ok. :)

Ilocana said...

Saling-pusa na naman kami, he,he. I say, it was the best kid's party ever! ha,ha!