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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Smart Baby

Hubby and I heard a lot of comments about Claira that she's a big and tall baby. When she's 4 months old, other people thought that she's 9 months old already and was surprised when we said that she's just 4 months old. Aside from her physical appearance, people noticed how advance Claira was in her development. When we visit my MIL's place, the workers there who have kids and grand kids went to my MIL's room to see Claira. There were 3 of them and all of them were surprised to see Claira trying to crawl and roll over all the way. One said that Claira is very advance when it comes to crawling and rolling over all the way. Well, that's what Claira's Pediatrician said almost 2 months ago when Claira fell from the chair coz she roll over. Then a friend of mine enjoyed playing with Claira when we had our dinner at the Chinese resto coz Claira was imitatiting her. A woman in the church (behind us) also enjoyed watching Claira imitating her while she's singing. After mass she told us how cute Claira was trying to imitate her singing (but no voice). She said that Claira is big which is the sign of a happy baby coz her kids were big when they were babies.

It's nice to hear wonderful comments from friends, neighbors and strangers. It seems like babies do catch people's attention no matter what race they are. How I wish that Claira will stay cute and small but it's not gonna happen. She's not a little baby anymore. Time flies really fast. Claira is now 5 months old and a big baby who's trying to learn many things. She wants to be part of the conversation when hubby and I talk or if we're talking with friends. It's funny hearing her trying to communicate with us.

I miss my little baby Claira but I'm glad that she's growing and learning a lot of things which makes me and hubby happy. What a joy in the family! ^_^


Gorgeous MUM said...

It feels great hearing compliments about your child, isn't it? You and Hubby must be very prud of your little Princess!

Michelle said...

that's very true! nice compliments made us so proud of our little one. :)

Gorgeous MUM said...

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much. Good day!