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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Claira's First Words

Claira's been trying hard to talk lately and we pretend that we understand what she said. After saying ahgooo, gaga, uhuh, huh, nay/nai, nah, yesterday she was able to say mama, nana and da. According to the parenting class instructor when I was pregnant, babies say dada first coz it's easier to say it than mama. I'm teaching Claira to say mommy-mama, daddy-dada and grandma-nana.

Well, Claira did the opposite. Hmm I don't know what that means though but I hope it doesn't matter if she said mama first than dada.

She's exactly 5 months old in this pic.


PinayWAHM said...

Adorable pics! I like the last one kasi parang she's saying: Uh-oh...after doing something naughty.

She's growing really fast. Enjoy her now as much as you can kasi napakabilis talaga nilang lumaki....

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mommy J

Lynn said...

claira is getting soo adorable and prettier by the day. haaay, ibog ko.

kisses to claira! (",)

nancy said...

she's so healthy looking baby...looks like she got your eyes mommy Chelle :-D

Ilocana said...

Oh, doesn't mean anything at all. It just so happen na yon ang easy sa kanya. Henry's first word was dada while Rosie's was mama, :)

Solo said...

Oh wow! She look so healthy and pretty girl indeed! And happy 5 months to you Claira. ;D Enjoy! ;D

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Twerlyn said...

ka cute nya!she has personality!

aw sa pinas baby kay mama man ang first word nila..kay Ari mama ang first word nya.

Lynn said...

hi sis.

naa diay ko tag nimo. hapit na ko malimot. hehe.

briggs said...

Time really flew fast, chelle dako na si Claira, next month mag eat na na sya hehehehe...

Michelle said...

PinayWAHM: That's true. It seems like yesterday I gave birth to Claira but now she's big already. Ang dali talagang lumaki ng mga bata. :)

Lynn: Thanks! Sunod nya sis ikaw na sad naa baby. hehe Ako na sad unya maibog kung dako na among Claira. :)

Nancy: That's what people told me that she got my eyes which I am glad so people won't think that I'm her nanny if she's with me. haha

Ilocana: That's what I think. :)

Solo and Twerlyn: THanks! :)

Briggs: Start na sya ug eat sa rice cereal. Di lang mahibaw-an, sunod mokaon nasad unya sya kung unsa amo kaonon. hehe