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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cooking mode...

It's more than a week already that I didn't feel like cooking. I tried to come up with easy and quick recipes coz I can't predict Claira's mood every hour. She still didn't have a nap schedule every day and if she's awake, she like me to play with her if she's already bored watching tv or playing with her toys. Last weekend I tried buying frozen meals from the store that has vegetables in it coz I am still breast feeding Claira and was feeling weak. Hubby feels weak or malnourish if he can't eat vegetables everyday so I thought maybe I am experiencing the same thing. I bought 3 frozen meals (in a box) and they didn't taste as good as the home cooked meal. After that experience, I'm thinking of going back to cooking again so I can eat healthy foods that taste good too. So last night I was looking for the recipes I printed out from food network and taste of home so I can start cooking again. For tonight's dinner I cooked asparagus soup and chicken curry.

Asparagus soup

Chicken curry with coconut milk.


Gorgeous MUM said...

You really are a good cook!

Enjoy the weekend!

Michelle said...

Thanks! Happy weekend! :)

Ilocana said...

Looks good and yummy Chelle! The next food network "chef"?? ^_^

Michelle said...

yeah, chef sa kusina ko. haha

Twerlyn said...

wow! you are still breastfeeding ur baby, saludo jud ko nimo... Nag suffer man ko atong nagpa breastfeed ko oi kay grabe man musopsop c Arianna hantod nagkasamad2x akong tits..hehe!d jud maagwanta ang kasakit..cguro wala koy gatas pero murag naa man pero ambot ngano masamad mad jud ug d jud maadtos ang kasakit.

lamia aning foods nimo dinhi oi,tilaw ko bi hehe!