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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Planning to buy a House

It is my dream since I was a child to have my own house that I can call home. Hubby and I talked about it a couple of months after we got married so our future kids can have their own room. But after hubby told me the responsibilities and expenses of owning a house, I decided to just continue renting in an apartment where we live now. The advantages of renting an apartment is that it's cheaper than the monthly mortgage, no house insurance needed and if there are things needed to be fixed, all I need to do is call the apartment office and they send the maintenance guy to fix whatever is broken in our apartment. Easy right? As of now we're living in an apartment on the second floor. But after giving birth to Claira, I noticed that carrying a baby with the car seat and going up and down the steep stairs outside is dangerous plus Claira needs to have her own room when she grow up. So hubby and I talked about it again. We decided to find a bigger apartment and start shopping for a house. We went to a couple ON SALE houses before and I easily fall in love with them but the best house I like the most is the newly built houses. Hubby wants bigger rooms and I want a big kitchen. We had a hard time looking for one coz the two didn't go together. Good thing that the builder we visit before is now accepting some suggestions of what the client wants. We found a model house that has a big kitchen (that I love), screened in porch (that hubby love) and a good size family room (that we both love). Two months after choosing what we want in the house, we saw the SOLD sign at the lot that we choose. Almost everyday we visit our future place to see if there are any improvements going on, checking if the workers are doing the right thing or else we'll complain. We didn't buy the place yet. The buying will happen after the house is finished and checked by professionals. I'm excited about moving into our future house that I can call home. But we'll see if everything will turn out okay. (crossing my fingers)

The SOLD sign.


Twerlyn said...

Congratulations for your future home Chelle..I'm sure mahal kaau na kay brand new. Here in California murag pop corn ang foreclosure ba.. barato kung owned by the bank..

Michelle said...

Thanks Lermz! Naa sad mga foreclosure tali diri pero morag di grabe kay ang price sa mga old house diri pareha raman sad sa new house mao new nalang among gipili kay makabuot pa mi kung unsa among gusto ipuno. pero tungod sa ekonomiya karon syempre mahal gihapon para namo so hugot jud ug bakos aron di magka utang2. hehe