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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Longhorn's dessert

I was craving for chocolate cake yesterday after seeing a post of chocolate cake recipe. hehe I've been avoiding to eat sweets lately but yesterday I was tempted. So after meeting the foreman (of our future house) and the agent yesterday afternoon, I told hubby that I want to eat Longhorn's chocolate stampede. We had our dinner there and was happy with my food. I had a mix green salad and Longhorn's salmon. Man, the salmon was very delicious! I'm glad I tried ordering it. I really miss eating fresh fish and the salmon I had yesterday is the answer for my fish craving. Anyway, we had some Longhorn's bread which I like and I didn't eat all the salad and finish half of my entree so I still have room for the dessert. I love Longhorn's chocolate stampede dessert. The cake is huge and the ice cream really goes well with the cake. It's absolutely to die for! It's my fave dessert that looks fancy, taste great but affordable. Love it! Yum! ^_^

Mix green salad with thousand island dressing. Yummy!
The tasty fresh baked bread and butter.

The delicious salmon and steamed veggies. Fantastico!

And the best among the rest... Chocolate Stampede! Excellent!

Yummy! yummy!


Solo said...

Oh god! That cake made me so hungry! And it's all your fault! lol ;D Oh i think i need to go and had some cake with a ice cream too. ;D Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day ahead. =D

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Michelle said...

haha I know it's my fault but anyway, you're welcome. :)