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Friday, August 21, 2009

The nails are saying hi to me

The pictures shows how bad the workers were working in our future house. Building a house is a pain if you have complains that the builder will just ignore. I know that the builder wants to save money so they want to make the work done fast. That's fine with us as long as the workers are doing it right. Hubby mentioned that to the broker MANY TIMES that we prefer slow improvements with great results not fast with lots of problems later on. But it seems that they want our house to finish really fast. And the worst thing will soon happen. Yesterday we saw the bricks and cement outside and the sheaths inside for the inside walls. That means they are probably working on the inside and outside now which also means there's no way to fix the nails anymore. Everything happened so fast that we didn't even have the time to take a picture of where the wires go. I just hope that nothing has been done to our house today.
Almost everyday we go to the house and check if there are any improvements. Two weeks ago I saw the nails showing inside the house saying hi to me coz they didn't hit the studs. We told the broker and our agent about it but the broker said that it's okay coz they are going to put bricks outside. I was like "WHAT?" I was thinking that covering the problem is not good. We want them to fix it. I'm not a civil engineer but if the walls outside are not that strong to hold the cement with heavy bricks on it then what will happen? But then the broker said that she'll mention it to the builder. So we've been waiting and waiting for the workers to fix it but nothing happened. Our other choice was to pound the nails ourselves to make the house stronger. Hubby did some of that but he got tired of guessing where the problem areas were coz the workers put the insulation inside which covers the nails. Hubby thought to complain about it AGAIN and hoping for a good answer but the answer is always IT'S OK, THAT'S NORMAL.
Well, today hubby called the inspector's office so they'll know of what's going on. The inspector said IT'S OK as long as the corners are done right coz that's what is important. How dare them say it's ok! They probably didn't know anything about building a good quality house. It really pissed me off. Hubby read the rules of the sheathing company and it says that the nails should be (i think) 3 inches apart and told hubby that the inspector might have a different rule regarding the nail thingy. Hubby asked the inspector about the rule and the answer is 6 inches apart. We are still not satisfied with the answers. It might be ok for them but not for me. I sleep at almost 5 am today searching for answers thru the internet about complains with the same builder. It seems that the builder doesn't want to do more work in our house and the inspector doesn't want any headache that's why they're ignoring our complain. Grrrrrrrrr (nindot ipabarang kung pwede lang) We still have plan B and C. We don't want to end up fighting in the court coz it will only give us more headache. Oh boy, what a mess.


Cecile said...

those nails are terrible! know what? they have been doing that since, even our old house has many nails sticking out and that is dangerous! hope they will fix those nails before you move.

Twerlyn said...

grabe man na oi dangerous nails and your right dapat quality jud ang house aron d magka problema in the future..mahal raba magpa repair.