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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Friends

Here we are at my friend's birthday party the one I mentioned in my previous post that took an hour to arrive there. The husbands were in the dining room chit chatting while the wives were having fun with the food, singing, dancing and of course picture taking. Claira cried many times in this event and it seems that she's having bad dreams after we attended this party. The ladies tried to help me carry Claira so I can eat but I think Claira didn't like it when they took her from the car seat and not from me or hubby. Hmm Next time I have to be careful. Claira didn't cry when my buddies for ladies night out carry her the other day in our gathering. I think she only like those who are familiar to her coz she's okay when my buddies carry her. Oh well, I hope she'll be fine when she grow up. I don't want to be carrying her all the time if we go out coz she's giving me body pain already. Mommy is too little to carry her all day long... now and in the future. haha


Ilocana said...

aaaah, so pretty ni Claira! knows how to pose ha, ^_^.

Michelle said...

haha thanks sistah! nasanay na ata sa picture taking. :)