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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unexpected Birthday

Me and my friends had a successful gathering today with foods, movie and chit chats of course. We didn't know that today is the birthday of my new friend's cousin. I only knew it when she called and asked if it's okay to bring a cake to celebrate her cousin's birthday who's been here for only 4 months. He's 18 today. We sung Happy Birthday to him and took a photo of him in front of his cake. Too bad, we didn't have any candle for him to blow. Maybe next time... But anyways, they were so glad that they meet my friends coz they enjoyed the food and the company. Hmm I have a plan in the future. I'm sure my friends will like what I have in mind right now. (wink)


Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Chelle! Kumusta? I miss being here. I hope all is well with you, hubby and Claira...


Solo said...

Oh what was your plan? Can you whisper it to me? ;D

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Twerlyn said...

Happy birthday to him (belated)

Chelle, I have a cool tag for you.

Michelle said...

Scotty's Princess: Thanks for visiting here again sis. We are doing great. :)

Solo: Shhhh It's a secret. hehe

Twerlyn: Thanks sa tag sis. Will grab it soon. :)