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Friday, October 9, 2009

Always hungry...

That's me lately. I don't know why but I kept on feeling hungry. I sometimes can't sleep at night coz my tummy is growling even after I had dinner. It's like I am doing again what I did when I was pregnant where I have to wake up in the middle of the night just to eat or eat something before going to bed. I know you might think that I'm pregnant again but my monthly visitor just finished visiting me so that's not the reason why I'm always hungry. hehe

I am really confused and I don't like the feeling of being hungry all the time. But I wonder if the slowing down of my breast milk has something to do with it. My milk slowed down for almost a month now and even if I took pills to produce more milk, it's not working. The practitioner told me that if it doesn't work then it doesn't work. A friend of mine told me to eat horseradish leaves with the stew and clams to produce more milk but the Asian Market here run out of the horseradish leaves plus I'm not a clam eater. I like to eat mussels though, maybe I'll try it instead of clams. Any tips from moms out there? :)


Lynn said...

yaw palabi sis, basi manambok ka. hehe. i thought it's because u're breastfeeding but u said, la na kay milk. dunno pud. hehe.

Ilocana said...

do the old way,,, laging kumain ng mga greens at humigup ng mga masasabaw.. drink lots of water too. :)