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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Filipino Party

Last night I attended a Filipino party together with hubby and Claira. We arrived late because of the tornado warning plus hubby was hungry already I he ate dinner at home first before heading to the party. Claira was fussy and we thought maybe she'll like to go out so hubby decided to go to the party. Claira fall asleep in the car while we're on our way to my Pinay friend's house. It's actually a sort of prayer meeting for this month's black rosary just like Pinoy's in the Philippines do and it's been the tradition here to have pinoy foods after the rosary. We arrived just in time they started coz most of the guests arrived late too. I had fun chit chatting with friends and I enjoyed the delicious Filipino foods. Hubby and I had a little break from carrying Claira coz my friends were the ones carrying her so hubby and I can eat. Soooo sweet. :) No pictures this time though coz I was hungry already and concentrating on the food and stories. haha


Summer said...

Lol. You didn't take some photos because of your little stomach haha. Anyways, i enjoy reading it. Seems like you really had fun. Have a great week. =D

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Brown Mestizo

Michelle said...

hahaha Yeah, my little tummy was complaining already so no photo that time. :) Thanks for always visiting here. ^_^