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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Package from Philippines

Yeah, I received a package from Philippines yesterday. The package is for Claira from Grandma (my mom) and my sister include 2 chicharon for me. Sweet! It's our early Christmas gift. Thanks Sis and Nana! :)

Claira wondering of what's going on around...

Claira's playing with the dress

Claira found something...

There she is... curious of what's inside. ^_^

And lastly, my Chicharon! haha


Avee said...

Halu, thanks sa dalaw! Cute ng dresses ni Baby

FRANCINE said...

agoy kalami ana imong chicharon yads. laway nuon ko

im doing fine diay. hapit nako manganak ug ang ako expected due date kay 21 dec pero basin manganak kog sayo ani kay permi man ko mag contraction these last days :-)

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Mom's Thoughts said...

wow that's so sweet of your relatives.

NovaS said...

same with me chel, nadawat ra nako akong package from pinas last week... polvoron from goldilocks, tablia, pastellas and more.. yummy... hehehhe

Lynn said...

wow! lotsa dresses for Claira! and yummy chicharon! i've tasted that one, sis when my sister brought some from Cebu. lami jud, di lang ko anang spicy kay di ko ka kaya. hehe!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Been away for quite some time. Just catching up! Good day!

Laki na ng baby mo!

Anney said...

Lucky baby! Dami clothes from lola and tita!

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Chelle!

Thanks for remembering to visit my blog. I've stopped blogging for two months and I just came back. I haven't been doing the usual blogging stuffs lately but hopefully I could pick up the pieces where i left off- that is, if my sked permits.

It's good to be back here! It's been a while. Claira has grown up so fast! Hope to see each other more often at our respective blogs.


Michelle said...

Scotty's Princess: Ic, same here. I stopped blog hopping too and wonder where the other bloggers are. hehe

Anney: Thanks! Yeah, she's really lucky. :)

Gorgeous MUM: Thanks for dropping by Sheng. Yeah, she's big now. Soon, she'll be talking to me. hehe

Francine: lami jud chicharon sis. hala noh, ikaw na sad unya ang naay gamay. hehe good luck sa imong delivery unya. hope you'll have a safe one. :)

Moms Thoughts: Yes they are. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Lynn: Di diay ka gusto ug spicy sis? Nah di diay ka mabuhi ug Mexican foods kay spicy man na ila pagkaon. Lami baya spicy sis, maanad ra ka baya madugay kung practice2 kag eat kay mao man sad ko sa una. Pero nindot kaon ug spicy kung tugnaw. hehe

NovaS: Sus kadaghan ba anang imong gipang hinganlan. hehe Mao na imong gi crave? Lami ang tablea sa ato sa kay pure. Lami sa sikwate ug bulad para pamahaw. ayayay

Avee: Thanks also for dropping by. :)

Kerslyn said...

hi Mommy Michelle! thanks for the hop. grabe, dami damit ni Baby Claira ha. sarap ng chicharon dear! gilaway nuon ko.hahaha.

opppssss...dili diay pwede ang name/url sa pag-comment. anynway, been here thru

Michelle said...

thanks for dropping by kerslyn! :)