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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too many Accounts

I mean, online accounts that I can't manage to update them all the time. I was closing some accounts before and yesterday I was closing my friendster account so I can concentrate on facebook. Yeah, I enjoyed facebook better than friendster because of the games plus most of my family and relatives are also in FB. I just hope that my friends and classmates are in FB also so we can continue to keep in touch though we're a thousand miles apart. Happy weekend!!! ^_^


NovaS said...

sus nlng kadaghan ba ana oi....

Michelle said...

lagi, di na matabang ug update. :)

Jules said...

Good for you. Atleast you are not wasting too much time from updating them. Have a great week. =D

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Brown Mestizo

Michelle said...

Yeah, it really takes time to update online accounts. Have a nice day! :)