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Monday, November 16, 2009


It's been 3 weeks since we move in our new house and our stuff is still not properly arranged. Hubby is busy at work and at home and I don't know where to start arranging coz hubby's stuff are everywhere even in the kitchen. The two bedrooms are already full of our stuff and part of the family room and dining room have some stuff that shouldn't be there too. It's really frustrating to see the slow improvement of arranging our stuff coz I want to have an organized house. Sometimes I think that I'll tell hubby to have a schedule or goal of when he wanted to finish arranging his stuff coz I'm really tired of looking at them. I sometimes ask him of what he wanna do or his plan for the day or the next day so I know what to do also but he doesn't want to promise anything coz he's afraid that he might not be able to finish on time and I'll get mad. It doesn't feel good living in a clutter house but what can I do? I prefer to play games online to escape from watching the clutter around or else I'll end up being mad and become a nagger. That's why I'm trying to control my emotions so I won't be arguing with hubby. I was thinking that our relationship is more important than the house or the clutter in our house. Claira also need some attention and care. It's tough but I think Claira is more important than the clutter. Though there are times that I work a little bit in the house when Claira wanted me to play with her. It's just very overwhelming to see all the stuff we have and hubby doesn't want to give them away or sell them coz they are his inheritance or needed for his job. Grrrrrr I'm trying to fight my feelings so I can't say things that hubby won't like and I might regret later on once everything's finish. I did make some arrangement in the house and putting hubby's stuff somewhere but I'm tired of being asked where I put his stuff. I hope we'll be working a little faster in the house instead of slowwwwwww coz I'm really tired of watching the clutter. I wish I can hide all them and know where I put them. (sigh)


Jules said...

Don't think too much, so you will not be stressed out. Just work on it little by little. And i'm sure you will able to finish arranging your stuffs. =D

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Brown Mestizo

Michelle said...

Thanks! That's what I'm doing now, little by little. Di kasi makapaghintay. hehe But I'm ok now. :)