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Monday, December 21, 2009

Coconut Macaroons

My first try of making coconut macaroons here in US. I cooked coconut macaroons before when I was in the Philippines. The recipe is so simple and easy but I don't have the recipe with me. I decided to try the recipe in one of my cookbooks but it seems like the one in my cookbook is different. I search online for the Philippine recipe of coconut macaroons and found something similar then somebody shared a recipe which I like coz it's simple and easy to follow. What I did was mix the two recipe together and voila, my coconut macaroons were made. I personalize the recipe a little bit, adding almond extract instead of vanilla extract. It's yummy but I think the almond extract is too strong for this. Maybe next time I'll omit the extract and see if it's much better without it. I brought these coconut macaroons to the Fil-Am Xmas party and there's nothing left in the container even if there's a lot of dessert on the table. I'll try to make this again until I get the right taste that I want. :)


NovaS said...

chel kalami man tanawon imong macaroons, email nako imong recipe beh.. i want to try your recipe.... kay akong patilawon akong in laws ana drea pud...

Michelle said...

sayon rana sya nov. 1 pack of sweetened coconut flakes, 1 can condensed milk, 1 tsp. vanilla extract and 3 large eggs. preheat oven to 350 F.

mix the coconut flakes, vanilla extract and condensed milk plus the 3 eggyolks. in another bowl, beat the 3 eggwhites using the hand mixer until stiff peak. pour the eggwhite mixture to the coconut flakes using the cut and fold method. put the mixture into small paper cups. bake 20-30 mins. til the top part is a little brown. :)

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Chelle! Kalami ba ana oi! naglaway ko!!!

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fetus said...

macaroons!!! huhuhu... laway ko da... ganahan jud ko ani since i was a kid... :)