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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fil-Am Christmas Party

The Filipino-American society here always have a Christmas party every year. For this year, the Fil-Am Christmas party was yesterday Dec. 19, 2009. There were lots of food but we're late so I don't know if I miss good foods. There's only one that I like aside from the food that I brought and it's the milkfish. I don't know how it was cooked but it's delicious. The only problem was it's hard to slice coz it's the whole fish with the head, tail and bones. I was thinking to get it thru my hand but people might think that I'm from the mountain somewhere so I just took a little bit of meat of the milkfish. hehe I was thinking also to bring it home if there's any leftover but we went home before the party ended. Oh well, maybe next Fil-Am party there's a milkfish waiting for me on the table. hahaha

Btw, it's Claira's first Fil-Am Christmas Party so I'm excited to see her reaction when she see Santa. I was hoping that she won't scream and traumatized once she saw Santa coz some babies and kids are afraid of Santa. I don't know why. I was glad that Claira had fun yesterday. She sat on Santa's lap without any problem. She didn't mind when Santa's holding her coz she's more interested with the bow on her gift. haha I had fun chit chatting with friends yesterday but I miss the line dance coz I was carrying Claira. Now my body is aching and looking for a good massage therapist but then I thought that I might have a pocket ache once it's time to pay for the massage done. So never mind, I'll just take advil or tylenol coz it's cheaper. hahaha (Pagka luoy ning pobreng alindahaw). ^_^

Us... ready to party. :)

Other Pinays, their kids and husbands.

As you can see in this pic, many Fil-Am families attended the party yesterday. Some went home early and some arrived late.

Claira and us with Santa and the elf. hehe

Happy mommy and happy baby.

More gifts for Claira from her Ninangs. (ang elf giduka na) hehe


Jules said...

wow! sounds a lot of fun to me! :D

Twerlyn said...

perteng enjoy jud a..c baby wa jud nahadlok kang santa..sos akong anak klaro jud sa pic na d cia ganahan kang santa.

NovaS said...

you look all having so much fun....