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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lazy weeks

Well, not totally lazy to do something but I'm tooooo lazy to go out when it's cold outside. I hate wearing layers of clothes coz they become heavy. So lately I only go out if DH is around to drive. I felt sorry for him coz he works during the day and he goes with us to shop after dinner. I don't even remember of when was the last time I went out without hubby. But last week I went out to have a dinner with my Pinay girl friends for our ladies night out. Then I thought, hmm I hope I still know how to drive or else I have to call my friend and pick me up. haha That's the problem if you're not driving for weeks. I have a cousin who have that issue that she felt like she's going to square one again if she can't drive for weeks. Good thing I was doing ok with my driving last week. Then yesterday I decided to go out with Claira because the weather is okay. It's been raining here lately but not yesterday but it's still cold outside. Anyways, Claira and I went to the mall yesterday. I was thinking that Claira needs to go out once or twice a week but lately we only go out at night. She was sleeping when I pick her up and put her in the car seat but she woke up as soon as she's in the car. I thought she'll go back to sleep once we're on our way to the mall but the opposite happened. She was wide awake and was looking around. I think she miss going out during the day where she can see a lot of stuff so yesterday was an interesting day for her. Maybe that's the reason why she didn't go back to sleep coz she doesn't want to miss anything. I was glad I went to the mall yesterday even if it's cold outside. I can see how happy Claira was once we're at the mall. We shop for hubby's Christmas gifts first then window shopped for ME. hehe Today I plan to go out again which I'm sure will put a big smile on Claira's face again. Gotta get ready for Christmas coz I don't want to go shopping when the mall is over crowded. The last minute shopping is not my thing except if I really need something. ^_^


NovaS said...

imong baby girl ba dako na jud ay..kadali bas panahon... same here dear ang winter naga pa lazy jud nato ay...

Michelle said...

mao lagi, kapoy i-lihok2 nga tugnaw. :)