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Monday, December 14, 2009

Almost Ready for Christmas

I'm trying to take advantage to go out while the weather is okay, buying stuff that I need for Christmas. So I'm almost done shopping, I'm just waiting if hubby will say something what he needs. He's been busy with work and the house lately and he deserves a good Christmas gifts. I already chose mine, Wii and another game which is like a Dance Revolution which I was dying to do while I was in the Philippines but too shy to do it. Now I can do it whenever I want, it's good for me and for entertaining kids and friends. The only thing hubby needs to do is wrap the gifts. Claira's gifts are ready to be wrapped too, just waiting for me to do it. I'm also preparing a gift for the Fil-Am's Christmas party here for the exchange gift and needs to prepare a gift for Claira on that day too so she can sit on Santa's lap. hehe I'm excited to see Claira's reaction, I hope she won't cry while she's on Santa's lap for picture. There's a lot of things to prepare and I am trying to do them little by little coz I don't want to be in panic this Christmas. Though our Christmas tree is not up yet and the decors outside but that's because I easily get tired of the Christmas tree watching it without the gifts under it after the Christmas day coz hubby wanted to have the Christmas tree until Three Kings. We normally decorate 1 week before Christmas but this year I'm excited to decorate earlier, maybe this week. ^_^


Nova said...

oh i share jud dre chel ha?

Michelle said...

that's for sure sis. :)