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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exercise and Dance Like Crazy

Well, that's what I did today while hubby is out to have his hair cut. I first install the Wii system and play the Tennis for exercise but I thought it's kinda boring so everytime I scored, I jump like a kid. I then started enjoying the tennis game after winning 4 times and lose once for the first time. Whoah! I'm impressed with myself winning 4 times in a row and losing once only. I played bowling once after I played the tennis but it's boring so I grab my CD and started dancing. I grab my hoolahoop (don't know if it's the right spelling) and play with it too while Claira was I think wondering of what's going on with me. hahaha She liked the music though and dance while sitting on the floor by raising her butt. It was fun and I was sweating and almost out of breath as if there's a dog running after me. But I took a break everytime I felt that my mouth is dry, drink half a glass of water then go back to dancing like crazy. I want to do this everyday to boost my energy and to get rid of my baby fat. Well, good luck to me! ^_^

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