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Friday, January 29, 2010

Mama's girl

I noticed that to our little one that she's a mama's girl. For the last two nights, she doesn't sleep until I play with her and made her laugh. I tried not to keep on rocking her to sleep coz she might get used to it. I don't know why she clings to me more than to her dad. And whenever I go out with my friends, she becomes a cry baby or fussy with daddy til I arrive home unless daddy will give all his time and attention to her then she won't be as fussy. I like it though that she like mommy but I think it's better that she like daddy too. I'm concern that hubby might get hurt if Claira just keep on calling my name and not hubby's.


Gorgeous MUM said...

So Claira is a Mommy's girl! It's probably because you're the one who spends more time with her. And I think babies tend to cling more to their Mum.

Time flies so fast! I've already got a preppy and soon you'll know you've got one too! Now that Claira seems to be on her way to have her first step, the next thing you'll see is her running everywhere!

Take care!

Michelle said...

I do spend more time with Claira coz I'm a SAHM and hubby is sooo busy with work, house, his mom and us. Though he tried his best to spend time with Claira but maybe it's not enough. Anyways, time really flies so fast. I started missing her being the little baby while I was segregating her small clothes that doesn't fit her anymore. (sigh)