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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good friends, good foods

I had a good time yesterday chit chatting, eating and laughing with my Pinay friends. It's really good to have nice friends around whom you can talk to every now and then, eat with the foods you love back home and laughing with our very own Pinoy jokes. Here are some of the foods we shared with friends. ^_^

Yummy dried fish

Chicken with tomato sauce (i think)

Fried pork chop (taste like adobo) and fried chicken. Deliciouso!

Fried Galunggong. Fantastico!

Fried Tilapia. (lami gihapon)

Fried dried fish and dried squid. (lalam jud)

Shrimp sinigang. Yummy

Buko fruit salad.


Scotty's Princess said...

Hala chelle! Kaw nagluto tanan? Naglawaylaway nako tinan-ao bah!

jenn_US said...

wow kalami ani mich oi. naglaway uroy ko ay. :)

jellybelly said...

omg! parang kamayan restaurant...the all look soooooo good!

NovaS said...

Awww!!! i wanna moved there... kay daghan kayo pinays...

Michelle said...

Scotty's princess: Ang danggit ug nukos ra akong giluto ani, ang uban linuto sa akong mga amiga but mostly ang host maoy daghan ug giluto. makalaway jud. :)

Jenn_US: lami jud labina kay daghan mi nangaon. :)

jellybelly: parang kamayan resto nga. haha nagkamay din kaming kumain. :)

NovaS: sige balhin diri aron daghan na ta. hehe