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Monday, January 25, 2010

Old pics

Hubby finally found the old pics I hid somewhere when we were still in the apartment. I was looking for my old pics but I can't find them so I thought, maybe they'll show up one day. They did show up when we moved in our house. Hubby showed me what he found and I was happy to see them again. Here are some of my old pics. :)

Me and my sister in Bohol. The tarsiers were so cute!

Graduation pic when I was in College (short hair pa)

Me and my best friend in College

Me with a light make up. The gay in the studio did my make up coz it's part of the package but I've been told many times that I looked like a gay if I wore make up. I think I looked ok in this pic.

Me with my College Classmates at Bohol Beach Club during our Excursion.

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