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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pressure of Time

Before I got pregnant with Claira, I planned to visit Philippines (my homeland) last year but it was last year also that Claira was born so the plan was postponed. Then I was thinking that the best time to visit Philippines after having Claira will be when Claira is already 2 yrs old and after visiting Philippines I planned to have another baby so Claira won't be alone if time comes that hubby and I will be in heaven. That plan changed after I had my H1N1 and Flu shot where I wrote down my age on the form. I had my aha moment and realized that I'm not getting any younger. As I wrote down my age, I remember that the clock is ticking and won't stop ticking for me. And because of that, I changed my plan again. Baby first then visit Philippines once the kids are old enough to travel for a long flight. That is if we can have another baby. Hubby said that we cannot plan that far. If the baby comes then we'll be ready and if not then it's ok. I know there are many couples who wants to have babies but are not lucky to have one. So I guess the best plan for me now is baby first and if it won't happen then I'll visit Philippines next year (kung may budget). hehe


NovaS said...

try and try chel, for sure if para ninyo para jud sa inyoha...

Twerlyn said...

agree ko ani baby first..when nimo plan next baby?basin sabay ta Chelle..hehe, next year Sept ko manganak kung mabuntis ko this December..mao ang plan.

Michelle said...

NovaS: Mao lagi. I'll try not to think na lang about it kay basin ma stress na hinuon ko. haha

Twerlyn: Ako plan manganak ko next year after mag 2 yrs old si Claira kay the best nga age gap is 2 yrs as what I know from Doctors, Nurses and Moms. That's my plan. hehe Si hubby dili mag plan kung kanus-a kay di sya gusto ma disappoint if di matuman ang gusto. So ako na lang mag plano2. hahaha