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Friday, January 15, 2010

Waving bye and hi

Claira was waving bye and hi to me yesterday before I went out and when I came home. She's been practicing the waving for a couple of months already but she never applied it to her dad yet when he said bye to her before going to work or hi when he arrived home. I was glad to see her waved at me when I said "bye" to her and when I said "hi" last night. I think she now knows what it means. :)


NovaS said...

oi makalingaw na jud imong dalagang gamay ba...

Gorgeous MUM said...

She is a Mummy's Girl!

Michelle said...

NovaS: makalingaw na jud. siaw na. hehe

Gorgeous MUM: Yeah, I think she is a mommy's girl. :)